The flurry of activities
The juggling of tasks
The clamour of people
The distraction of noise.

The connection that matters
The invitation to embrace
The peace of solitude
The centre of being

If only …

– FlorenceT

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Memories – a poem


All the mem’ries
Where have they gone?
Though you may search
They are no longer.

So I now speak
A friend who cares
How long will you
Continue on.

Losing yourself
Hating yourself
Finding yourself
Vicious cycle.

While the world turns
But you don’t see
What you have lost
What you will lose.

Perhaps it is then
Shadows reveal
Reality confront
Calling on you.

For none can wake
Your slumbering
Until the hard jolt
Life and love lost.

She is long gone
Away from this
Never bitter
Forever scarred.

Yet I wish you
My friend who loves
Wellness and care
  Peace in all things.


© 2014 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.

In the silence


In the silence
I feel your presence
Your arms encircling
Your breath on my hair
Your kisses rain on me.

In the silence
I know of your love
Your passionate embrace
Your exclaim of devotion
Your sigh of contentment.

In the silence
I see eternity
Your words inspiring
Your voice encouraging
Your journey beside me.

Our life together.

– FlorenceT

© 2014 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.

It’s just humour, right?!

Be Impeccable With Your Word. Speak with integrity. …Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.
Miguel Angel Ruiz


Does saying something in the name of humour excuse one from the harm those words may inflict?

This is my apology to a person whom I care very much for my insensitivity. No, it was not my intention to hurt yet that was, I suspect, the outcome. He may deny it, but I know there was a part of him which was triggered by some faraway memories in that moment. And what’s said cannot be unsaid.

This is also my reflection of the un-thinking way we sometimes speak. How often have we heard the reprise, “But I didn’t mean it”. I have enough faith in humanity to say that hurtful words were usually not intended. But then, neither do we consider the possible harm they may cause before we speak. Haven’t you been in situations where you wished you had not said those things, even if in jest?

It’s true, I didn’t know of his circumstances. Nevertheless, does it justify the fact that my words hurt him? Is ignorance an excuse?

Beyond hurting another, there is a part of me that is disappointed in myself. I know I am not a vicious or mean person; nor am I one who chatters incessantly without thought. Yet it would seem that I do not always attend to what I say.

So does humour excuse my behaviour? Perhaps that is not the correct question. The questions to ask before we speak may be,

  • Are these words necessary?
  • Do these words encourage or lift?
  • Do I need to say them?

If the answer to any of the questions is ‘no’, then why am I compelled to speak?  Here is the awareness and the lesson.  Am I speaking because of my needs or the receiver’s?

I have nothing against humour.  As Sean O’Casey said,

[L]aughter is wine for the soul – laughter soft, or loud and deep, tinged through with seriousness – the hilarious declaration made by man that life is worth living.

BUT let not humour masks our selfish needs; let it not override the potential harm our words may cause.

Each one of us has our wounds, some obvious and some not, whether physiological, emotional or psychological.  When we speak, we must pay attention to how our words are likely to land on the other.

It takes practice to be thoughtful and considered, to be quiet. It takes practice to only say what is necessary and meaningful and perhaps for the purpose of encouraging or lifting up another.


Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall.      Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

© 2014 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.

Setting the record straight

Given that Ronovan’s post, “10 Things Men Think Women Think They MUST Know About Men” arose from a challenge of mine, I thought it best to briefly set the record straight.

So for a bit of fun (and perhaps some ‘truths’?), and substantially speaking for self (so grrlfriends, please pardon the appearance of my speaking for all of you).  Actually, tell me what you think!


These are apparently what men think how women think about them:

#1 Men ignore women EVERY time women talk unless the word SEX is mentioned.

Well, men just have selective hearing, and yes, it’s a darn good excuse…for everything. Yeah, we know this too.

#2 Men like women wearing tight fitting clothing or see through clothing.

Only applies to men lacking sophistication and imagination. I for one know men also like the “now you see and now you don’t”, seductive and mysterious…

#3 Men are Cuddling Machines.

Don’t think that at all…but we can dream and hope… 🙂

#4 Men want to be examples of perfect health.

Qualification: when there’s a girl or girls to impress.

#5 Men want their foods perfectly organized on their plates . . . not touching.

Ok, admit this one… hey, does that mean women no longer need to prettily ‘present’ food for consumption …hoorah!

#6 Men don’t care about what softness of toilet tissue they end up with.

Oh, we know you care… but not enough to buy it…or replace it…?

#7 Men enjoy practical gifts for every gift occasion.

Well, we are thinking of toys but to support the flawed notion of masculinity, we refer to them as practical tools…

#8 Men always want monkey SEX

Aawww, really? I must have been asleep.

#9 Men ALL know how to fix cars.

We know that to be a fallacy.

#10 Men are all the jealous types.

We know that’s not the case; unless of course it is in relation to another subject which threatens them perhaps…?

Bonus: Men don’t know how to use the washing machine.

We know they do… but…mmmm, somehow the washing’s not done. Darn excuse, again?

Phew, needed to get that out 🙂


My Thirst For You

Well, this appeals to the romantic in me, so re-blogging it… Enjoy!


An excerpt from a novel I am currently revising. The words are those of the leading man writing to the woman he loves during a low point.  I am finally embracing writing Romance and Love that I have been avoiding writing in novel form for so long. The book was written last year, but has been marinating since then. Now I am ready to make a go of it. Wish me well on this journey.


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