All in your head

To think you are not
One who could feel such
Guess you are deluding
Yourself in as much.
It hurts, does it not?
Though you know not why
Oh hell, you know why
But to whom would that matter.
Well why do you care?
As you are the one who dared
To suggest you do not mind
When things happen in kind.
Swirling through your mind
Yes, the insensitivity
Astounds you, does it?
Oh well, reality my dear
Time it seems to check
It is all a game
A frolic of loves and likes.
Little one, you are ensnared
Nothing would matter more
Than the count of likes
On the flickering page.
Know it now for what it is
No excuse for illusions
Hoping for a comfort
But knowing none you’ll believe.
Talk tough, little one
You who are in tears
Guess it screams, the pain
More than you’d admit.
So once again little one, here it is
Welcome to love’s reality
A step back and watch
The dramas unfolding
Too late now
You are lost, adrift
On this ocean of mindlessness
Your end still unknown.




© 2014 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.

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