Talking dirty (A) Ageing

Talking dirty? To put this in context, see the first post in this series of how this began.

Ageing… well, I can’t choose so here are two amazing quotes… do you wonder why the book from which these quotes were extracted is titled “Talking Dirty”? Not exactly controversial, is it…?


ageingThe age of a woman doesn’t mean a thing.  The best tunes are played on the oldest fiddles.           Ralph Waldo Emerson, American writer



thankfulWhen a woman in love reaches a  certain age, though her heart may cease to sing, her eyes remain veiled with gratitude.           Collete (Sidonie-Gabrielle), French writer



And here is Mae West talking dirty about love.

While we’re on the topic of ‘Woman’…

Till next time,
– FlorenceT

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Not apologising for being me

I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others,
rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.

Frederick Douglass


How great it is to LOVE YOURSELF

…to no longer be afraid to show the world who you really are,

…to own up to all your strengths and your faults,

…to not pretend to be someone else to please or placate another…



That’s the message of this empowering song.  Enjoy!




– FlorenceT


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All in your head

To think you are not
One who could feel such
Guess you are deluding
Yourself in as much.
It hurts, does it not?
Though you know not why
Oh hell, you know why
But to whom would that matter.
Well why do you care?
As you are the one who dared
To suggest you do not mind
When things happen in kind.
Swirling through your mind
Yes, the insensitivity
Astounds you, does it?
Oh well, reality my dear
Time it seems to check
It is all a game
A frolic of loves and likes.
Little one, you are ensnared
Nothing would matter more
Than the count of likes
On the flickering page.
Know it now for what it is
No excuse for illusions
Hoping for a comfort
But knowing none you’ll believe.
Talk tough, little one
You who are in tears
Guess it screams, the pain
More than you’d admit.
So once again little one, here it is
Welcome to love’s reality
A step back and watch
The dramas unfolding
Too late now
You are lost, adrift
On this ocean of mindlessness
Your end still unknown.




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Romantic or cynic?

Teenage me, buying a cassette tape (yes, I am that ancient 🙂 ) titled ‘Songs for the broken-hearted’. Seriously? I have always connected with the hurt in those songs, and in random moments, I had asked myself what had happened to me in my past life (not sure if I believe in past lives though, but if I did…). Nevertheless, listening to a song recently caused me to reflect on this – why songs for the broken-hearted? Why me?

First, here are the lyrics to the song… (OK, it is a James Blunt song.. I can see some of you rolling your eyes 🙂 I do enjoy his music – the clarity of his music, unadulterated…)

Did I disappoint you or let you down?
Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown?
‘Cause I saw the end before we’d begun,
Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won.
So I took what’s mine by eternal right.
Took your soul out into the night.
It may be over but it won’t stop there,
I am here for you if you’d only care.
You touched my heart you touched my soul.
You changed my life and all my goals.
And love is blind and that I knew when,
My heart was blinded by you.
I’ve kissed your lips and held your hand.
Shared your dreams and shared your bed.
I know you well, I know your smell.
I’ve been addicted to you.

Goodbye my lover.
Goodbye my friend.
You have been the one.
You have been the one for me.

I am a dreamer and when I wake,
You can’t break my spirit – it’s my dreams you take.
And as you move on, remember me,
Remember us and all we used to be
I’ve seen you cry, I’ve seen you smile.
I’ve watched you sleeping for a while.
I’d be the father of your child.
I’d spend a lifetime with you.
I know your fears and you know mine.
We’ve had our doubts but now we’re fine,
And I love you, I swear that’s true.
I cannot live without you.

And I still hold your hand in mine.
In mine when I’m asleep.
And I will bare my soul in time,
When I’m kneeling at your feet.

Now the song


OK, if you have listened to it…pretty sad at first blush.

YET there is something wonderful, is there not? To be at the receiving end of that… to know that you have the love of a man willing perhaps to go against his integrity to be with you, willing to live in the beautiful moments despite already seeing the end, to have his devotion and love…

BUT it is goodbye, is it not? Perhaps I am a cynic…?

The tension between the romantic and the cynic.  Are you romantic or cynic?  Not that you have to choose… perhaps it depends on the timing of the question 🙂

Well, that’s my rambling for today…

– FlorenceT


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Stealing time…

A windy day, cloudy and cold. A busy day for me yet something calls to me…something beautiful in essence. The words in my mind long to be expressed… so I take time. To be honest, I am stealing time but then again, I can’t steal what is mine. Ah, this wandering mind… 🙂

Sitting here in the café, watching dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy of trees, listening to the sound of cars passing by, I can finally take a deep breath and write… the words of appreciation, the words of gratitude… for this world of mine. Despite the ugliness which I am certain exists if I turn my attention to it, but not today. My spirit, my soul need respite.

And this song speaks to me in this moment, a song by a soulful musician no longer with us but his unique sound will.

Sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy!



With much appreciation and gratitude,
– FlorenceT

Hold your own, know your name

On the days when I am in a funk, when I hurt, music becomes my refuge.  And here is one of the many songs that has seen me through some dark times…a song which speaks to the Strong in me.

Hold your own
Know your name
And go your own way
And everything will be fine.

 It calls me to ‘know my name’, to remember who and what I am, to not succumb to the pressures of others, to not falter on my journey; yet to acknowledge the lessons to be learned, that must be learned as I encounter them.  I believe things occur because the Universe has a message for us – it is for us to be open to them, to be aware of its magic.  For everything, happy or otherwise, has magic in it.  We just have to see and receive.

I’m sharing this song in the hope that you will find it inspiring, uplifting…in your own way.  I hope you will find magic in it.

 A languid song by Jason Mraz and James Morrison “Details in the Fabric” – persevere, in fact play it a couple of times, and you will find its hypnotic tones.

All about That Bass

I have a big smile on my face… I know you can’t see it so I’m telling – so you can ‘hear’ my smiling voice when I say what I have to say.

The TV was on whilst I was cooking, when I heard this vibrant rhythm began –  rather unique for this day and age.  What, rock n roll?  Of course, I checked it out and voila! the second surprise.  The music video – which I have included below – has men and women dressed well, instead of dressed exposed.  The most risque outfit might shock a 1950s audience, if that.

Besides the rhythm and melody, there is the song’s empowering lyrics:

You know I won’t be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll
So if that’s what you’re into then go ahead and move along

Then there is the dig at the media’s misrepresentation of women, creating a false and unachievable body image:

I see the magazines workin’ that Photoshop
We know that shit ain’t real
C’mon now, make it stop

Girls cannot be what they cannot see, and there has been a lot of music and music video depicting girls and women solely as sexual beings, looking like Barbie, playing supporting roles to men.  Well, not this one.

The music genre may not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but the message is loud and clear:

If you got beauty beauty, just raise ’em up
Cause every inch of you is perfect
From the bottom to the top

There is hope yet!   So, watch the video of Meghan Trainor’s ‘All about That Bass’ for yourself 🙂


Day 12 Only human

The first time I heard it, I took an instant dislike for its message. The weakness demonstrated by the plea, the passive acceptance of her situation. Yet I could not get away from it…it stayed on my mind. So I wondered about its visceral effect.

Then I kept encountering it, the words intruding. Coincidence? Perhaps.

The last time I ‘chanced’ upon ‘Human’ by Christina Perry, I discovered the hypnotic quality of the music. The crystal clear voice of a woman in pain, the unadulterated call for understanding. And the message?

But I’m only human
And I bleed when I fall down
I’m only human
And I crash and I break down
Your words in my head, knives in my heart
You build me up and then I fall apart
‘Cause I’m only human
 I’m only human
I’m only human
Just a little human
 I can take so much
‘Til I’ve had enough

It became one of strength and courage to be vulnerable and determination to be seen and heard.

Now, as I listen to this song…I realise it is no coincidence – this movement from passive denial to active acceptance. Perhaps I have always known.

So, here it is:-