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Wow, just feel it..


I logged in to write something, anything. Then I got upset and was going to rant, but then I remembered that this is The Year Of Renewal. So, pardon my language a moment, screw the upset. Listened to a song right after writing that bit of paragraph and a lyric poem came to mind. No, nothing to do with that first part. Just to show you a moment does have to color your entire day. Well that and I was just feeling it.

I know that, I’m growing old
But my heart, feels eighteen
Your love is, growing cold
No that’s not, what I mean

Words come out wrong, but I say them anyway
The pain is so strong, it gets worse every day

I can’t tell you
I want to be with you in every breath of every day,
I want to be with you in every thought…

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Book Review. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.

Looks like a book for my to-read list…

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Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Title:   Station Eleven

Author:   Emily St. John Mandel

ISBN:  0385353308



Published:  September 10th 2014

Pages:  353

Genre:  Literary, Fiction, Sci-Fiction

Station Eleven is one of the best novels I’ve read in 2014. And I’ve read quite a few. I guess if I had to define it, I could call it a post-apocalyptic novel, although the action moves forward and back between events that happened mostly shortly before the flu epidemic that killed 99% of the World’s population (sometimes some years before) and years after. All the characters are somewhat connected to the opening scene, although in some cases we don’t know exactly how until much later in the story.

Superficially the novel seems to be a crazy quilt, with jumps in time and place, following the wandering memories of the main characters, and in some cases, like in Kirsten’s…

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Writers Resolutions

A most positive and helpful post…

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Happy New Year fellow scribblers! It’s that brand new shiny first day of another new year, sprinkled with fairy dust, hope, and endless possibilities. Writers all over the world are cracking open the first page of their special edition unicorn diary and filling it with resolutions for the year to come. Some writers are also staunchly refusing to write that list on the grounds that these things just set you up for disappointment when you fail to reach all your goals. I see their point, which is why my resolution for this year is to not set myself unrealistic goals. For those of us who like a challenge, I’ll share a couple of my favourites.

Be Gentle with Yourself

If you’re going to set yourself deadlines to publish, or minimum daily word counts for this year, it’s a good idea to err on the side of caution. Just because you…

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#books #boOKs & more #BOOKS Recommendations from @FTThum

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If you are in doubt as to which books (I am using plural as I presume one won’t be enough! 🙂 ) to read over the holiday season, here aresome suggestions from some creative and innovative peoplewho were presenters on the TED stage.

I have only read 5 of the many on that list, I’d better get cracking… If you wish, listen to the TED Talks of these talented people.  They seem interesting and might just inspire… I for one plan to catch up on my viewing… thus speaketh the nerd 🙂

OR you can browse these Lists for ‘recommendations’:

If you are into poetry…

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In the end

pen writing

In the end there is You and I
On those lonely nights there was always You
The light that shone my way forward
The inspiration that brought my smiles
My measure of time in You
When the cold light of day intruded
I am still amazed by You
Your clarity in the dizzy heights
Your faith in the remoteness of space
Your love in the connection of time
Without You and I, there would be none
My heart without rhythm
My mind without wonder
My spirit without flight
My soul without expression.
In the end, there is You and I
Meeting in quiet embrace
You whisper ‘you are’
And I know You are
This is enough.

– FlorenceT

© 2014 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.

10 things I want to know… about men

Ronovan posed some interesting insights and questions (?) about women, some of which I have no response – though I did pick Hugh Jackman over David Beckham and Vince Diesel.  Seriously, who wouldn’t? Don’t answer that!

So being ‘inspired’ by Ronovan’s humorous post, here are my all time questions about men… perplexed me for years and no satisfactory answer as yet 🙂 

Here’s a challenge for you out there!


What is it with chasing white balls around all day? Golf, baseball …etc. Oh, please don’t say ‘we love team work’ cause then you can help me mow the lawn or cook!


What is it with watching other men chasing balls? Oh, let’s not forget the talking, yelling, shouting at the TV while at it!


What is it with long hair on a woman (picture this – said long hair gently blowing in the wind, or draped over… you get what I mean).


What is it about the need to feel competent at all times?  Classic case of not asking for directions – guess men are never lost, always ‘I know we are heading in the general direction’? Or not asking where the dukkah (an Egyptian spice) is shelved, always ‘let’s just walk through each aisle, should be here somewhere!”


What is it about envy of other men in rock bands?  Or worse, the emulation? Is it the guitar toting, or the front man allure,…what is it?


A man in a well-cut suit… how come few men get the ‘well-cut’ or the ‘suit’?  And I am referring to those who could afford to do so but somehow don’t do it… Have they any idea what they’re missing?


Mateship… I get friendships and the close support friends provide.  However, the back-slapping, awkward hugs, non-emotional interaction (unless alcohol is involved).. what’s with that?  This could be a cultural (being an immigrant of South-East Asian origin) as well as a gender issue.  Well, is it?


This just got a little serious… What is it with the refusal to be considered as ‘nice’, or for that matter, an outright acting out against ‘nice’?  I know it’s a 4-letter word – a damn good one in my view – and so sexy done right.  So, reason for the denial?


This is the big one… for me.  What do men do with their emotionality? Where do they channel it?  Men feel, I know they do, but many would be loathed to show it except for perhaps the acceptable trio of anger, humor and lust.


This leads from the previous one.  Do men wish they could express their emotionality?  In the context that we the people will not deride or mock it, that we do not think man is ‘wuss’ for owning and expressing feelings, that we actually respect and admire the courage and strength, that we know it is part of being human. 

Do you, men out there, long for a more accepting world?


Phew, that’s done… I’m sure there are more questions out there (men are such complex creatures! *I can hear the protests already*) but this is the best I can do in the time I’ve got.


Day 19 Confusion

Tears streaming down my face as I struggle with what to say, how to express the confusion in my mind, the clarity in my heart. How does one say ’I love you’ while unable to commit, how does one say ‘you mean the world to me’ when we’re in separate worlds, how does one say ‘you’ve taken my life from bearable to meaningful’ when I have yet to decipher its meaning?

How do I embrace these tumultuous feelings, knowing full well their potential to hurt, to harm? How could I not? Why would I deny myself the exhilaration of love found and a deeper connection, just as I have vowed never to put myself in a place of ‘making do’, of ‘good enough’. How could I stop expecting any more for fear of being disappointed, of being hurt…again? What is worse than being ambivalent? For therein lies the absence of passion, of hope and dreams – there I will begin to die.

So do I meet this unknown with arms wide open, no safety net – trusting that life will take care of itself? To accept ‘come what may’? That no matter happens, I would be happy knowing I have tried. That like Maya Angelou said, “to have enough courage to trust love one more time, always one more time”. Can I sit with the uncertainty? Am I brave enough?

Good ole reliable conventional me, playing by the rules – rules enforced to maintain the power of the powerful. They are not for me… for they had left me powerless, ashamed, guilty, doubting, scared. Never again! Yet how do I maintain my identity, my sense of self this time? Is this what faith is all about? And have I loved myself enough to truly love another? To stand next to another, to walk beside another… without giving away parts of myself to comfort, to lift up. For this I do not believe I could endure…losing myself again.

So in this state of flux I stand still, gathering myself for the inevitable…my holding pattern I call it as rational me assesses the damage most material, the logistics of loving. I have survived life’s betrayals and have grown. I have known that dark place and choose not to return. How does one be faithless yet trustworthy? How does one be true of oneself without disappointing another? How does one avoid being in this state of waiting forever? What does it take to realise my heart’s longing?

Dare I stand tall in the centre of the fire, unflinching? If given a chance, will I dance?