Here’s what’s on Top of my Christmas Tree – what’s on Yours?

This is what is on top of my Christmas tree this year.  It’s a family tradition to have a star, to shine the way for the year ahead.  It is of course crucial to the nativity story, right? 🙂

And by posting this, I am helping Angela and Hugh raise up to £250 for charity.

Christmas star

I have a similar gold star. Depending on the colour theme for the year (yes, I do a colour theme each year!), either a gold or silver is placed on top of the tree.  My daughter decided the colour theme for this year: silver baubles and all colours for the other decorations.  A good time to let our traditional decorations out of the box!

Here is my tree for 2014:

Christmas tree 2014

Now, why not show what is on top of your Christmas tree? Post on your blog and help Angela and Hugh at Hugh’s Views & News to contribute to charity.  To find out what to do, go to Angela and Hugh’s post.


– FlorenceT


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