Haiku Prompt Challenge #23 – Night, Breathe

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #23 – Night, Breathe


tears of the night


Choking, tears streaming

Your scent fills these lonely nights

Breathing your desire.

– FlorenceT



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This is home

A guest poem – ‘This is Home’ – on Eye Will Not Cry. Enjoy!


Eyewillnotcry1973’s invitation was a surprise, and humbling and daunting, given how well he writes. 

Well I try, and here is the result…

This is home

Unsure of her reception
Despite an invitation
She steps across the threshold
Into her fantasy
And she waits.

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Thanks again Eyewillnotcry1973 for your invitation, and a fitting image for the poem…?  🙂

It has been fun.  And to quote Eyewillnotcry1973 “your interpretation of my words, is of course yours“.

And those who do not know Eyewillnotcry1973 and his words, visit Eye Will Not Cryand you’ll be mesmerized.


– FlorenceT

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A fantasy, an illusion


Yearning, searching
for that elusive understanding;
The unconditional embrace,
the wealth of acceptance
that I have not yet earned.

Caress of a thousand words,
A smile – knowledge of a lifetime;
A fount of desire overflowing,
brimming with intention
that I have not yet encountered.

Gather reverently
In this space – longing
for an illusion, a fantasy
that escapes definition
That I have not yet captured.

– FlorenceT