Forlorn desolate

We fail to pay attention
Fail to perceive the changes
Fail to see the ones we love

We fail to rein in
The thoughts in our heads
The images in our mind

We fail to recognize
The life we have missed
The ones we love and lost

It is then we notice
What we have left
The remnant of a life
Too late to regain.



© 2014 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.

A fleeting sensation

Broken dreams

A fleeting sensation
Not to be mentioned
The erratic beat of the heart
An obsession of the mind starts
Catching a glimpse of paradise.

Enticing words replete
This world beyond complete
A gentle sway the mind espy
This need to no longer cry
The boundless possibilities.

A cherished interlude
Love forever eludes
Ashes of once roaring fire
Perfect dreams thus must die
Reality at last intrudes.

– FlorenceT

 © 2014 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.

Memories – a poem


All the mem’ries
Where have they gone?
Though you may search
They are no longer.

So I now speak
A friend who cares
How long will you
Continue on.

Losing yourself
Hating yourself
Finding yourself
Vicious cycle.

While the world turns
But you don’t see
What you have lost
What you will lose.

Perhaps it is then
Shadows reveal
Reality confront
Calling on you.

For none can wake
Your slumbering
Until the hard jolt
Life and love lost.

She is long gone
Away from this
Never bitter
Forever scarred.

Yet I wish you
My friend who loves
Wellness and care
  Peace in all things.


© 2014 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.

Day 5 The letter

It must have fallen out of the bag…thank goodness I came across it and not another. How would I explain it? I knew I should have packed and carried it on my own. Seeing his handwriting, faded and familiar … still hurt, and yet I have kept every one of them. The memories of our time, the yearning as if it was just yesterday, longing for his words to reach me. Still remember the dread of impending goodbye, for even then I knew it would not last. Hovering between pleasure and trepidation, I grasped those fragile days with gratitude and hope.

This particular letter – oh I think the gods are having a joke on me. How cruel that it had to be this one. Not at my age do I need to be reminded of my losses, this one especially. The creases on it, when I had crunched it up in anger, in sorrow then smoothing it open knowing this would be the last and oh, how precious it was, and is!

I need to gather myself before facing them, put on the brave face – the one that has seen me through the past 45 years in this family. Oh don’t get wrong, I love them all but at times, I could have done without, for they are also the cage that have bound me here, the reason for my greatest loss, my greatest sacrifice. Oh I didn’t realise how much it can still hurt.

But the show must go on…