Visions – a poem


female in repose


Watching you watching me
Your gaze bold
Igniting the ardent flame
Scorches my soul

Flicker of light
Your eyes unwavering
  Seduction of the night
My will unresisting

Touch lingers skin on skin
Familiar terrain now foreign
Yearning swells within
Desire reigns

Lips in sensual motion
Devours possesses
Like alchemic potion
Demands acquiescence

My hands yours
Across valleys and peaks
Depths to explore
Quickening heartbeats

Feeling every caress
Kisses which ease
Every word coaxes
To be free, release

At last accede
To unimagined passion
Heights of ecstasy
Indescribable sensations

My heart dances once more
To rhythm of desires
As it seeks to soar
Across immutable spaces.

– FlorenceT

© 2015 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.

Talking dirty (A) Advice

Talking dirty? To put this in context, see the first post in this series of how this began.

This is by the interesting, often controversial and sassy Mae West (1893 -1980):


Mae West

“A man can be a great lover, but no matter how well he performs, sex won’t compensate for personality, intelligence, consideration, and whatever else you may be looking for.  You may think you’re in love when the passions of sex get hold of you, but if you didn’t love the man before, you won’t love him after.  Like him, maybe – but not love him!



Noting the era when this came about… I figure this must now apply to woman too…?  And what happens if sex came before the love?  

Your thoughts?


Till next time,
– FlorenceT

Talking dirty (A) Acting

Okay, I’ve got to be honest, this isn’t what you think it is. In fact it wasn’t what I thought it to be either.

The first paragraph to the ‘Introduction’ of ‘Talking Dirty’ by Carole McKenzie says:

“The interpretation of sex and sexual pursuits seen as harmless to some is sure to be condemned as an outrage to others. Sex is promoted everywhere.  No longer hidden and forbidden, it is now direct and often leaves nothing to the imagination.”

So I ordered ‘Talking Dirty’ expecting a sociological study of the evolution of ‘talking dirty’.  Truly!  Instead I get a collection of quotes, sayings etc.. Goes to show how much attention I paid to the blurb before I hit the ‘Buy’ button…but that’s another story.  Basically I’ll read anything.

Anyway… I am having an entertaining time with this book, so I figured… hey, why not share?

I will present to you quotes from this book, based on topics organized in alphabetical order.

So here’s the first ‘take-out’ from the book – talking dirty in Acting:


“Acting is not very hard.  The most important things are being able to laugh and cry.  If I have to cry, I think about my sex life.  And if I have to laugh – well, I think of my sex life.”          

Glenda Jackson, British Labour Party political and former actress.

Now that was not so bad, was it  🙂 ?

Till next time,
– FlorenceT